About Us

Rania Tours is one of Jordan’s most dynamic, respected and innovative travel companies, with more than 20 years of experience .
It is a private company built with love for the details, to reach the sky and delivering the extraordinary to our clients.
Covering a maximum of activities in the field (First class selected hotels, family packages trekking, cultural, & biblical tours, eco tourism, adventure tours, incentive tours, etc.). It is guaranteed that your clients will find with us what they are looking for.
We have business relationships in many European countries, like Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Spain.
By offering our highest standards of services, nice programs with perfect itineraries, which are tailor made with love and respect for all our companies and guests. Nearly four thousands guests per year are visiting Jordan with Rania Tours.
All our programs are composed and suite to the desires and needs of our clients. The programs we offer are arranged based on our farreaching knowledge of all the locations in Jordan.

In addition to the usual popular sites our schedules include the hidden spots rarely seen by tourists.

Rania Tours - The Management
Rania Tours owned and managed by Yasen Alkinani, who was born in 1960. He studied architectural engineering at the University of Magdeburg Germany, resided in Germany for 10 years and a few years in Italy.
Back to his homeland Jordan he worked first as an architectural engineer, but then he found out the beauty of his country, the history and the culture.

Therefore he was totally impressed to change his profession into the tourism field. After 20 years of experience in the tourism branch as a successfully tourist guide and product manager, he wanted to realize his own tour operator company.

Rania Tours - The Team
Our team is very engaged, competent and consists of multilingual colleagues, who are speaking different languages: German, French, English, Italian and of course Arabic. Our team is guided by a sophisticated leader, our chief, Mr. Yasen Alkinani. With his grateful treatment toward his employees, he made us like a harmonic cooperative enthusiastic family, which aims to have a gorgeous company, through the super services, we are offering to our guests, in order to have great organized trips and unforgettable memories in Jordan.